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09/03/2016 10:06:45

Cyclist brings private prosecution

Careless motorists – beware of vengeful cyclists. Nearly three-quarters of all the far too many serious or fatal bicycle accidents take place in urban areas. 53 year old Martin Porter, a cyclist and barrister, was utterly incensed when an Audi sports [...]

07/03/2016 09:36:16

Stolen fire engine causes damage

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time –and who hasn’t had a ‘great’ idea for getting up to mischief at 4:30 in the morning? Two men, one aged 19, and one old enough to know a lot better at 66, have been arrested after they stole a fire eng [...]

03/03/2016 09:00:00

A bad week for celebrity drivers

First of all; we heard a few days ago that Steve Coogan, the comedian and actor (aka Alan Partidge, A-Ha and Paul Calf) has received a driving ban following an incident where he was caught doing over 5 miles per hour in a 30 zone. He was clocked driv [...]

01/03/2016 10:20:17

Death threats to a driving examiner

It must be every driving examiner’s nightmare – you fail a student during a test, and they turn on you and start threatening you. That’s what apparently happened when driving examiner John Williams pressed the brake on the dual control car that was b [...]

26/02/2016 09:00:00

Lay-by crash HGV driver pleads guilty

An Edinburgh HGV driver has pleaded guilty to causing the death of a motorist who was parked up in a lay-by off the A9. Frank Simpson was driving his 18-ton refrigerated vehicle on the A9 at around 50 miles per hour when apparently distracted by some [...]

24/02/2016 10:21:24

Sadness is distracting to drivers

A study by American researchers has found that driving while undergoing feelings of sadness, anxiety or anger can raise your accident risk by ten times. In other words, it can be more distracting than many of the knowingly risky behaviours that motor [...]

22/02/2016 13:08:13

Van driver used 2 mobiles before crashing

Using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is both illegal and irresponsible, but you need a whole new set of words to describe the behaviour of a driver who is using two mobile phones at the same time. That’s what 47 year old Robert Munce was doin [...]

20/02/2016 17:20:50

Drink drive limits to remain unchanged

Despite what some papers have been reporting, according to the Department for Transport, there are no current plans to reduce the drink driving limit in Wales and England to match the Scottish limit. However, the minister for transport Andrew Jones, [...]

10/02/2016 09:00:00

Storm, storm, storm!

Gertrude, Henry and now Imogen, what have we done to deserve this terrible weather? We’ve all seen pictures on the news of massive waves lashing the shores and people being blown about in the wind. Road and rail transport has been badly affected, as [...]

08/02/2016 09:00:00

On the run in a dumper truck

A driver made off with a 30 tonne dumper truck in July last year, and went on the run at the vehicle’s top speed of 30 miles per hour. He led police on a 37 mile journey, across two different counties during which he did 26 thousand pounds worth of d [...]

04/02/2016 09:00:00

The fatal 4 in Northamptonshire

If you drive in and around Northamptonshire, you may have been aware that the police in the region have been having a purge on motorists who break what they have named the ‘fatal four’ laws of driving. The purge was intended to help to reduce the inc [...]

02/02/2016 09:00:00

Shaving while driving

We’ve all seen people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing while driving their cars, and sometimes the activities are so distracting that they can be dangerous. Drivers eating, drinking, using mobile phones, putting on make-up and carrying out g [...]

29/01/2016 11:52:32

A storm called Gertrude

The recent storm (which was endearingly named Gertrude) has been causing severe traffic disruption and a red weather warning (indicating a danger to life) was issued in Shetland, a Scottish archipelago. 100 mile per hour winds were initially anticipa [...]

27/01/2016 17:05:22

Tougher penalties for hand-held phone use

It has been announced that the Department for Transport is considering stronger penalties for drivers caught using hand-held mobile phone while driving. A consultation has been launched, and it is apparently the preferred option of the government to [...]

25/01/2016 12:12:24

Idaho drug drivers shop themselves

A pair of drug takers in Idaho, USA, actually phoned the police to report that they had smuggled roughly 20 pounds of marijuana over the state line, and they wanted to be arrested. This strange behaviour was apparently driven by them sampling their o [...]
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